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9–12 Online Course Catalog


Language Arts

Creative Writing

ELD Intermediate A&B

Language Arts 9 A&B

Language Arts 10 A&B

Language Arts 11 A&B

Language Arts 12 A&B

Honors Language Arts 9 A&B

Honors Language Arts 10 A&B

Honors Language Arts 11 A&B

Honors Language Arts 12 A&B

Reading Skills



Algebra 1 A&B

Algebra 2 A&B

Consumer Math A&B

Geometry A&B

Honors Algebra 1 A&B

Honors Algebra 2 A&B

Honors Geometry A&B

Integrated Math 1 A&B

Integrated Math 2 A&B

Integrated Math 3 A&B

Pre-Algebra A&B




Anatomy and Physiology

Biology A&B

Botany and Zoology

Chemistry A&B

Earth Science A&B

Entomology (Coming Soon)

Environmental Science

Honors Biology A&B

Honors Chemistry A&B

Honors Physics A&B

Marine Science


Physical Science A&B

Physics A&B

Renewable Energy

Space Exploration


Social Studies

Alaskan Studies (Coming Soon)

American Government

American History A&B




Honors American Government

Honors American History A&B

Honors Economics

Honors World History A&B

Sociology A&B

World Geography & Cultures A&B

World History A&B

World Language

Chinese 1 A&B

Chinese 2 A&B

French 1 A&B

French 2 A&B

Spanish 1 A&B

Spanish 2 A&B

Spanish 3 A&B

Health & PE

Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (Coming Soon)

First Aid

Health A&B

Individual and Team Sports (Coming Soon)

Physical Education A&B



Advanced Drawing (Coming Soon)

Art Appreciation

Basic Drawing (Coming Soon)

Beginning Painting (Coming Soon)

Calligraphy (Coming Soon)

Character Education

Child Development

Life Management Skills

Music Appreciation


Relationships (Coming Soon)


Seven Habits

Study Skills and Strategies

Theater Studies

World Religions


Career & Technical Electives

Basic Web Design

Business Communications

Career Planning

Computer Basics

Digital Arts

Essentials of Business

Financial Literacy

Graphic Design

Hospitality and Tourism

JavaScript (1/2017)

Law and Ethics

Media & Communication



Work Environment


Advanced Placement

AP Calculus AB A&B

AP Calculus BC A&B

AP English Literature and Composition A&B