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Are you ready for a new and exciting opportunity in an online learning environment? As a student of Accelerate Academy, we help you become a successful online learner. Being prepared, though, also includes knowing what to expect a student with us. Read the information below to see if Accelerate Academy is the right fit for you!

Whether enrolling as an elementary student or a high school student, the expectations of you are similar. You will progress through the coursework prescribed at a pace that you, your learning coach, and your teacher will determine. The amount of interaction you have with both your learning coach and teacher will change depending on what grade level you enroll in, as well as whether you are a full-time or part-time student.

Who is your learning coach?
Your learning coach will likely be a parent or someone your home-based school will assign to you. That person will be your first line of contact about many things. A learning coach is someone who:

Who is your teacher?
Your teacher is assigned to you for each course you take. If you are an elementary student, you will likely have the same teacher for math, science, social studies, and language arts, but have additional teachers for your electives like P.E. and art. For secondary students, you will have a different teacher for each course you take. A teacher is someone who: