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Accelerate Online Academy utilizes teachers who have at a minimum a Bachelor's Degree (many have Master's degrees), have a license to teach the subject they are assigned to in at least one state, and have proven that they know and understand the content they teach. The teachers are there to support the students as they progress through the course providing timely feedback and one-on-one help with difficult concepts and tasks.

All Accelerate Online Academy Instructors meet the Department of Education's highly qualified requirements. To be deemed highly qualified, teachers must have:

A student enrolled in Accelerate Online Academy has access to frequent instructor-initiated interaction. As students complete course assignments, teachers provide student feedback on performance as well as suggestions for future success. They will also initiate extra help through the use of synchronous sessions (webinar, video-chat), phone calls, emails, and text-chat. These interactions between the instructor and student occur on a daily basis.

Students are required to interact with their instructors in real-time during the course. Real-time interaction between the student and the teacher can be for multiple reasons. One-on-one sessions through phone, videochat, text chat, and email occur on an as-needed basis for the purpose of individual tutoring and remediation. Teachers also offer synchronous sessions at least one per week for all students to cover specific content. All students are required to attend these online webinars/video-chat sessions.

Assessments are graded by the highly qualified teacher, the computer, or both. Though the percentage may vary by course, there is between 30 and 50% of the assessments that are graded by the instructor alone.

For electronic assessments, feedback is provided within the document either by using comments or PDF markup tools and then returned to the student through the learning management system. For any synchronous assessments, such as benchmarks or oral assessments, feedback is provided in written format within the LMS rubric in the student gradebook. Also, general feedback is provided within the LMS gradebook utilizing the "comments" section of each assignment. All feedback is captured and stored within Accelerate Online Academy's LMS. This information remains accessible to the student even after enrollment is complete.