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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Accelerate Online Academy provide materials?

Some courses do require additional materials, such as a novel to read or art paper and colored pencils, or some other material needed. In some cases, such as graph paper or word processing software, suitable items are suggested or offered to download for free. For specific materials needed, kits are available for purchase from us, or a list of needed materials is provided so that students can acquire these items on their own.

Does Accelerate Online Academy provide technical support?

Accelerate Online Academy provides technical support five days a week, Monday – Friday, from 8 am to 10 pm, Eastern. See our support page for more information.

Can I get a diploma from Accelerate Online Academy?

Yes, as long as all of the Academy's graduation requirements are met.

How do students and teachers interact with each other?

Students interact daily through email, phone, and synchronous sessions, which can be scheduled directly with the teacher to suit a student's schedule.

Am I required to be in class at a specific time every day?

Students are required to complete their work according to the pacing guide, which is determined by the start and end dates. Working at a steady pace will allow on-time completion of courses, but a student's daily schedule is up to the student and parent. Synchronous sessions will be scheduled by the student and are flexible.

Will I receive a transcript?

Final grade reports are sent via email to all students and observers upon course completion. Official transcripts with a stamped seal are only sent to school officials as requested. Official transcripts are only needed for college applications or when transferring credits to another school.

How can I check on my child's progress?

Parents are enrolled as observers in their child's courses. As long as a valid email is provided, observers and students are emailed weekly progress reports. Additionally, observers may log in to our learning management system at any time to see grades, pacing, course material, and teacher feedback. Contact information is present within the course so that a parent may contact the student's teacher.