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Accelerate Academy's teachers have at a minimum a Bachelor's Degree (many have Master's degrees), have a license to teach the subject they are assigned to, and have proven that they know and understand the content they teach. Many of our teachers not only have years of teaching experience in the regular brick and mortar schools, they also have experience in taking and teaching online courses. Our teachers support our students by providing timely feedback and one-on-one help with difficult concepts and tasks.

A student enrolled in Accelerate Academy has access to frequent instructor-initiated interaction. As students complete course assignments, teachers provide student feedback on performance as well as suggestions for future success. They will also initiate extra help through the use of synchronous sessions (webinar, video-chat), phone calls, emails, and text-chat. These interactions between the instructor and student occur on a daily basis. Read what some of our students have to say about our staff.

"I enjoyed taking this class. I learned a lot and my teacher was there when I needed her. I always got the help i needed and she checked in with me at least twice a week. I am ready to start on my second semester of French." "Ms. Byrd was quick to grade assignments and voice her feedback as well as allow me to correct assignments that weren't meeting the requirements. I would recommend her classes to any of my friends, thank-you for the pleasant experience!"
"Ms. Song is the best teacher ever. Great on quickly grading and helped a lot with recordings and helpful information and tips. I highly recommend taking Algebra 1 with her!" "English 9 was definitely one of the most challenging classes I've taken. Even though the class was hard, I still enjoyed it. I really liked the writing assignments, but I just wished there was more time to write the stories."

If you are interested in becoming an Accelerate Academy teacher, submit your credentials here.