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Founded in 2011, Accelerate Academy is an accredited school providing online courses to individual students from Kindergarten through High School. We offer a full depth of courses where students interact with a real teacher on a daily basis. Whether students want to take one course in a high-interest elective or a full-time offering, Accelerate Online Academy can meet your needs.

Our highly qualified, certified teachers provide direct instruction to our students as well as intervention for struggling students through our IDEAL learning library, which houses more than 3,000 learning objects in all content areas. Teachers have complete control over what students are assigned within a course or the library.

Mission Statement

Accelerate Online Academy provides broad, flexible, and engaging curriculum and instruction that uses best practices in education to bring success to all students.


Accelerate Online Academy will use research-based instructional design that includes instructional strategies shown to be most successful. The curriculum and instruction will be relevant and engaging, using active learning principles that can be adapted to meet the learning needs of a diverse student body. It will use technology that is adaptable to a variety of learning experiences, including the classroom, home computers, and mobile devices. It will carefully sequence and scaffold learning experiences to help students build upon successes. Accelerate Online Academy will select, train, and supervise instructors to ensure that they monitor student progress and intervene as necessary to help students find success.