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As a parent, you are probably wondering what will be expected of you during your child's online education endeavor. If your child is enrolling in Accelerate Education as part of a public or private school, your role will be defined by that school. If, however, you are enrolling your child directly into Accelerate Academy, review the information below for what to expect while your child attends.

Elementary Students (K-5)
No elementary program is meant to be a stand-alone program. These young children need guidance from a learning coach. As their parent, you are in the best position to provide the support that they will need. Watch the short video below to learn what you should expect as a learning coach.

If you enroll your student in the Academy as a full-time student, you should expect to spend time on each core subject area daily. Then, the child has additional electives that he/she will complete 2 to 3 times a week. The chart below provides a guideline for how much time to spend each day; however, you know your child best, so you can set a time that is appropriate for them to complete the tasks assigned each day.

Language Arts 60 to 75 minutes daily
Math 45 to 60 minutes daily
Social Studies 30 to 45 minutes daily
Sciences 30 to 45 minutes daily
Other (Art, Music) 30 to 45 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week

As your student progresses from Kindergarten up through fifth grade, your involvement will decrease as your child becomes more self-sufficient. Once your child gets into the sixth grade, they will be expected to do much on their own.

Secondary Students (6-12)
As a parent of a secondary student, you can expect to be involved less than you would for younger students, although you are still an integral part of their education. Accelerate Academy will refer to you as the learning coach. You will be your child's first line of contact about many things. A learning coach is someone who:

Don't fret, though, your child will still be assigned a teacher for each course he/she is enrolled in. The teacher will: