Course Description

The purpose of this course is to help students acquire the skills that effective readers use and enhance the ability of students to use these skills when interacting with grade level text. The course will focus on comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, and word recognition skills. It will also utilize a variety of reading passages to reinforce these skills. This course is designed to assist students in developing fundamental reading skills needed to become successful learners. Emphasis is placed on strategies intended to aid them in eventually maneuvering age appropriate reading material by introducing and reinforcing reading strategies. Students will be exposed to, or reintroduced to, such recognized strategies as site words, semantics in order to increase their reading abilities and fluency. Once the student has received instruction on how to read, they will be instructed on comprehension building activities including the active reading process, and literary. Throughout this course, students will work on various reading projects and activities designed to build reading ability and confidence. Students will see a progressive increase of difficulty on reading materials so they can use their newly acquired reading skills.

Major Concepts


Grade Level


1 Semester


Technology Skills