Semester A

Course Description

Learning to speak French can help prepare the student for a career in international business in French-speaking Africa, working with international agencies such as the International Olympic Committee or studying in a French-speaking country. With readings and media drawn from authentic sources, students see and hear the cultural context of what they are learning. Although the emphasis is on French spoken in France, students are exposed to the regional differences in French-speaking Canada and Africa, underscoring the global nature of the French-speaking world today.This course will continue with the everyday vocabulary and phrases for ordering food in a restaurant, asking for prices and making purchases, telling about yesterday's activities, and planning a vacation. French culture will be highlighted as the context for learning new vocabulary and grammar; students will be encouraged to draw comparisons between French customs and their own.

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Semester B

Course Description

French 2B is a continuation of the introduction to the French language and culture students experienced in French 2A. This course is designed to help students develop the vocabulary and grammar needed to express themselves in a variety of settings involving the life and culture of French speaking people. The primary focus of French 2B will be the expansion of verb tenses. Students will increase their vocabulary skills, grammar skills, and master descriptions using interrogative and demonstrative pronouns. Students will be capable of describing a movie, health symptoms, and vacations. They will ask for, and give advice, as well as make recommendations.

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