Course Description

Trigonometry can be thought of as a specialized study of Geometry. Focusing on the study of triangles, angles, and trigonometric functions, it provides students with experience in advanced mathematic concepts. From a practical point of view, students see how measurements and formulas shed light on everyday life. They find that trigonometry can save a life on a raft, predict astronomical events, and locate a forest fire. In this course, the student discovers the power of measuring triangles called Trigonometry. The student is led to think about how triangles appear everywhere in a triangular garden, the joists for a pointed roof, a corner desk, or triangular tiles. Some triangles are imaginary, such as the one formed by lines connecting the earth, the sun, and the moon. In Advanced Math A students are given tools to solve triangles that can shed light on the workings of the universe or save a life here on Earth. The skills the student gains in this course are useful throughout all of mathematics, as well as other fields such as astronomy, geology, surveying, engineering, and architecture. The course consists of six units of five lessons each that cover the basic concepts and applications of Trigonometry. Each lesson has several activities that all contribute to an exploration of new mathematical concepts. The activities also help the student think creatively and critically about each topic. Teacher feedback is provided and available throughout the course.

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1 Semester

Geometry B

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