Course Description

The English Language Development course is designed to assist second language learners with the transition to online learning. The course focuses on acquisition of communication skills. In the first semester of the course, students will focus on basic English grammar topics before moving on to more complex topics. The students will also learn about reading strategies to build their comprehension skills. There are various types of texts the students will encounter, including short stories, comic strips, step-by-step instructions, myths, and folk tales.  

In the second semester of the course, the students continue their studies of English grammar getting to even more complex topics. In the midst of these topics, students will continue learning reading strategies for different types of text including technology-based articles, persuasive essays, and historical texts. They will also read a novel and practice speaking fluently.

Major Concepts

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:


Grade Level


2 Semesters


Technology Skills