Course Description

The U.S. Secretary of Labor identified five areas of expertise that any job requires; these are referred to as SCANS skills. Work Environment deals with three of those skill areas: time and resource management, interpersonal skills, and information processing. Time and resource management is crucial to the success of any business endeavor, since almost no business has too much time or too much money. Such limited commodities must be used to the maximum advantage in order to give the business a competitive edge. In Work Environment, students learn the skills necessary to best use the resources they are allocated. It has long been recognized that a team works better than an individual, and few jobs in today's workplace do not require a team-building attitude. However, teams do not automatically succeed; they need members who have the skills to work well with others. This course teaches many of the attitudes and skills that team members need in order to function together.

Major Concepts


Grade Level


1 Semester

Course is most applicable for a student who is currently employed and can implement SCANS skills as they are learned.

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