Course Description

The honors physics course focuses on the ordinary interactions seen in our everyday world. Starting with a review of mathematical concepts necessary to be successful in the course, they then move into an in-depth study of motion in the world around them. Using trigonometry, vectors, and algebraic skills, students will learn how to apply the concepts of motion and forces in solving many types of problems. From objects moving at a constant speed in a straight line, to objects moving around in a circle, students will explore the effects of forces on objects as they move. After a thorough analysis of forces and motion, the student will then branch out into other aspects of everyday life including energy, waves, light, electricity and magnetism, and modern and nuclear physics topics.

The honors student will have more opportunity to explore such topics fully, gaining skill in applying quantitative methods and analyzing the implications of physical forces. Much of the emphasis in the course will be on communicating through graphs and mathematical models. Successful completion of the course will prepare the student to do well in a collegiate course in physics or other sciences.

Major Concepts


Grade Level


2 Semesters


Technology Skills