Course Description

In this course, students will investigate the five geographic regions of Alaska and their climates, along with the physical geography of those regions—mountains, glaciers, and rivers. Students will study Alaska’s colorful history by learning about the migration of people into the Americas by means of a frozen land bridge. Students will read about topics such as Russian and European exploration, the exploitation of animals and natural resources, and the purchase of the Alaska territory by the United States, also known as Seward’s Folly. Students will explore the gold rush, the establishment of the railroad, Alaska’s involvement in WWII, statehood, the discovery of oil, Alaska’s government— both state and local—and the economic factors that affect Alaska and its residents. Students will investigate the main contributors of Alaska’s economy, which include oil and gas, tourism, national parks and preserves, Alaska’s wildlife and conservation practices, customs and languages of the various Native cultures within the state of Alaska.


Grade Level


1 Semester


Technology Skills