Semester A: Advanced Composition

Course Description

English 12A focuses on learning to write with confidence and mastery. Emphasis is placed on building language flexibility, improving sentence structure, and mastering the writing process. Students create, revise, and edit six writing projects that are designed to help them take their writing to the next level. As an Honors course, emphasis is placed on project-based instruction and increased reading and writing opportunities. In this thought-provoking writing course, students prepare themselves for the demands of college and/or the job market by developing their writing skills. Through text readings, videos, interactive PowerPoint presentations, practice activities, workbook questions, interactive skills challenges, discussions, writing projects, and other activities students demonstrate their mastery of the writing process. Students will integrate the 6-Traits of Writing (i.e., ideas and content, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions) to all of their writing. In the English 12A course, emphasis will be placed on additional reading and writing project-based instruction. Students will create projects including a short story, expository essay, functional document, persuasive essay, literary analysis, and research paper. Through the engaging activities in English 12A Honors, students become more mature and accomplished writers.

Major Concepts

Semester B: British Literature

Course Description

In English 12B, students experience the evolution of British culture and literature by reading the ancient epic poem Beowulf, Shakespearean sonnets, and other classics that span 1,500 years of English writings. Engaging videos, interesting readings, and interactive activities provide students with pragmatic opportunities to apply reading comprehension and writing skills to their lives. Students work through interactive lessons, completing several self-check activities and quizzes, participating in daily online discussions, and working on their writing skills. Students will apply the 6-Traits of Writing (i.e., Ideas and Content, Organization, Voice, Work Choice, Sentence Fluency, and Conventions) to all of their writing. Engaging course projects will include a personal narrative, descriptive essay, functional document, literary analysis, persuasive essay, and research paper. Teacher feedback is provided throughout the course.

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