Course Description

Law and Ethics is designed to give the student the necessary information to deal with common legal issues, such as contracts, torts, family law, and citizen participation in government. In addition, each legal issue is correlated with the value that underlies the law. Honesty, for example, is presented as the basic principle of contractual law. The course is not intended to focus on the law as a vocation, but rather as a means to live productively and peacefully as a citizen. The law, in a democracy, represents the minimal ethical standard expected of citizens. Although enforcement is an essential part of the law, the citizen whose ethics go beyond the law is the most free. This course informs students of what the law requires in their everyday lives; it presents ethical values upon which the law is based as well as those that transcend the law. The course enables students to operate successfully in a democratic society. This course looks at specific areas of law, not just the criminal part. Contracts, partnerships, corporations, and even the internet all are bound by areas of law. Law governs actions. An examination of the different areas of law gives the student a more well rounded view of law and how it impacts our everyday lives.

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1 Semester


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