Semester A

Course Description

In this course, students will improve their reading and writing skills, helping them become communicators that are more effective. Students will organize their ideas and prepare structured essays based on various topics such as personal experience and persuading others. Students will learn and practice effective research techniques as they prepare, complete, and polish reports and essays.Each lesson will take the student systematically through a reading and then lead them to writing a responsive essay based on the report or essay topic. There is also a review of basic English mechanics woven in. This course provides interactive activities, readings, and PowerPoint presentations to extend learning beyond the textbook. Students participate in discussions that will include teacher feedback on a daily basis, throughout the course.

Major Concepts

Semester B

Course Description

The purpose of this course is to build upon the basics of English 7A and enhance the ability of students to read literature of a wide variety. Students continue to develop their writing through unit projects and the application of the 6-Traits of Writing to the processes of prewriting, organizing, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. Students will complete six units of varying topics, comprised of five lessons each. Appreciating literature is more than just reading and understanding; it means knowing the genre, the language, and the format that each type of writing demands. In this course, the student will learn to appreciate short stories, novels, non-fiction and functional writing, poetry, and drama. Each genre has its own requirements and format, which the student will learn by example and application.In addition, the student will learn the basics of literary analysis by reading various types of literature and writing short essays about each one. In preparation for high school and beyond, the student will learn the skills needed to analyze an author's purpose, word choice, and semantics, as well as identifying an author's intended audience.

Major Concepts


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