Semester A

Course Description

In grade 4 Social Studies learners will use their understanding of social studies skills to explore their local states and communities.  They will begin the course by learning the topography of their particular area.  Students will do this by creating a detailed landscape model.  This project will be hands-on and require students to do research of their communities.  Learners will also research local animals and gain an understanding of local Native American ground in their part of the country.  This course walks students through the research and report writing steps that will be vital to their continuation of social studies. They will continue to focus on their individual states as they do projects based on local geography, state capitols, as well as nearby natural wonders and landforms.  The semester concludes with an introduction to Colonial history.  The course uses video, enrichment activities, and project-based learning to enhance the student’s social studies skills.

Major Concepts

Semester B

Course Description

Semester B of grade 4 Social Studies picks up where semester A left off by looking further into frontier life of the early American settlers.  Students examine  the difficulties that early settlers faced when reaching America.  They apply knowledge of historical thinking, chronology, turning points, individuals, and themes of local and Unites States history in order to understand how history has shaped the present and will shape the future.  They will continue the focus of local history by doing research projects on settlers from their particular states and on how their state became a part of the Union.  The transition from the pony express to the transcontinental railroad is a major theme that shows how quickly the United States developed.  Students end by creating a time capsule that demonstrates what was important to early settlers from their particular states.

Major Concepts


Grade Level

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