Semester A

Course Description

Art provides an opportunity for children to develop the use of their senses directly and encourages the student to further develop what they already know as a source of knowledge and creativity. Art offers the student an opportunity to express feelings and emotions in their drawings and with color. Arts and Crafts promote self-esteem and self-awareness as it enhances personal fulfillment. Children have a wonderful imagination that, if encouraged, will be needed though out their life. This course provides an opportunity for self-discipline through instruction and cooperation while providing the student with an opportunity for self-expression by using imaginative thinking for creative solutions.  Learners will begin the course by creating a color wheel and understanding the difference between primary, secondary, and complimentary colors.  Learners will use watercolors to create a value chart and begin to understand symmetry in art.  At the end of the semester students will work with clay and create a Memorial Clay.

Major Concepts

Semester B

Course Description

In semester B of Arts and Crafts, students will continue to explore their creativity while also learning ways that art can be functional and add to objects and materials that we use on an everyday basis.  Students will begin the semester by creating a 12 month calendar.  The students will focus on new month each week.  They will also be able to pick a different clay project each week from The Book of Nature Crafts and/or Clay Fun.  Once students have completed the calendar project they will begin to work on form drawing and make a seasonal chart using objects familiar with each of the four seasons.  The course concludes with students working with wet crayons and wet paper.  This course will provide students with opportunities to experience many different forms of arts and to express their imagination while learning valuable skills.  Each student is an individual with unique ideas and talents. Our goal is to provide each student an opportunity for personal growth for themselves and the world in which we live.

Major Concepts


Grade Level
2nd Grade

Basic Art and Crafting Supplies

2 Semesters


Technology Skills